Q&A: Why is my Keurig coffe make only making half cups?

Question by Nicole: Why is my Keurig coffe make only making half cups?
My Keurig B40 Elite is only making half cups. I have the choice of 2 sizes, so every morning I press the larger size, and it fills my cup about half way. So then I do it again with the smaller size and get a full cup of coffee. Is there any way for me to fix this? Please be as detailed as possible. Someone told me to “clean it with vinegar” but I have no idea what that would even mean lol. Thank you.

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Answer by John
It would need cleaning as something inside it is only letting half the water through, sounds like a limescale problem. I have provided the instructions on how to clean it.

Cleaning the brewer

The Keurig brewer requires very little cleaning and maintenance, however, occasional cleaning will help ensure continued trouble free use.

Regular cleaning of the brewer’s external components is recommended. The K-Cup holder and funnel, drip plate and drip tray are dishwasher safe.

Exterior: The cover may be cleaned with a suitable cleaning compound and non-abrasive cloth.

Caution: Please ensure that no cleaners or cleaning solutions are in or near the fill area as this may contaminate your water supply.

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  1. Desert Dust says:

    For the Keurig a cup is dainty 6 oz. Not much by my coffee drinking standards, but then I did not design the unit. We have the unit that has 4 different cup sizes and to fill my mug requires the largest setting and the standard setting. Fortunately one K-cup will do the job. Sorry there is nothing wrong with your Keurig; some of us just like our coffee more than the Keurig design team.

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