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  • Love of the students at a language school

Love in the language school English up

Here recently it has attracted attention in the early English education with or incorporated English education in elementary school. That much I thing that English has become the important, but still is more to learn again from adult learn self-taught is better to learn in earnest in such language school abroad can learn more efficiently. Although only tend to act together with the people of the lonely will catapult the same country, such as homesickness Being overseas, So do not stretch English skills. Recommend thing is is the love of the foreign students in which was such as language schools. A different country, and two people of different mother tongue is to be your acquaintance communications be in English, is recommended because the necessity and the English force is up.

Relationship of the encounter with the philosophy of love

You foreigners lover want you, also came to like the foreigners. I think I want to be able to talk in their native language of the lover still. At a language school, let's grant that wish. By each of the countries and ethnic groups, ways of expression of emotion, how to take the distance of human relations, also different things, such as family values. Not just words, if school, country and ethnic groups of the idea of ​​using that language, you tell me to how to feel. The basic thing to understand the opponent is love, is to have the opportunity of talking a lot is the base of foreign language learning. A conversation with more and more foreign language at a language school, learn some countries and ethnic groups of the other person's point of view, love also let foreign language is also living with the initiation into the secrets.